Social protection of socially vulnerable groups

Social protection has become a key element in national strategies for human development, political stability, and inclusive growth to protect most vulnerable people from shocks and stress in the course of their lives. Many countries have by now achieved significant progress in expanding access to social protection. Nevertheless, 55% of the world’s population is still deprived of the benefits associated with social protection.

Social protection is one of the main instruments in addressing poverty and inequality and is one of the fundamental human rights.

The project will further support the efforts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in improving the country’s social policy in line with the Strategy “Kazakhstan 2050” and National Plan for the Realization of the Rights and Improvement of Life of Persons with Disabilities until 2025. The emphasis will be put on both developing the capacities of government bodies and institutions, the duty bearers, and expanding opportunities for participation in the country’s socio-economic life for vulnerable populations.

The project encompasses the following components:

·       Support to the modernization of the system of social services - a range of activities that can help address the existing challenges regarding access to services and considering the different needs of men and women. In particular, new methodologies and approaches to the realization of social policy (normative per capita funding, performance assessment of medico-social institutions, methodological support to the provision of social services) will enable improvements in the system’s efficiency. In addition, special emphasis will be placed on improving social support to older persons and families from vulnerable populations.

·       Promotion of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) - further steps will include the ratification of the Optional Protocol to the UNCRPD, efforts to shift the understanding of disability, improvements in access to services through the Portal of Social Services and mobilization of participation of persons with disabilities in the socio-economic life through social and professional rehabilitation., etc.

·       Strengthening the strategic, analytical, and management capacities of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population – the Ministry plays the key role in the design and implementation of social policy and is interested in further improvements in its capacity to successfully carry out its respective activities, etc.

Project beneficiaries:

Vulnerable group of the population, including people with disabilities, vulnerable women and youth, etc.

Project duration: