Kazakhstan's Digital Family Card Awarded the 2024 GovTech Prize

February 13, 2024
Photo: AI Generated/Midjourney

At the World Government Summit in Dubai, Kazakhstan's innovative project, the Digital Family Card, was honored as the best in the "Inclusive Digital Transformation" category, receiving the prestigious 2024 GovTech Prize. Developed with the support of UNDP in Kazakhstan, this flagship govtech solution aims to provide timely government support to the most vulnerable segments of the population.

The Digital Family Card streamlines government efforts to assess family vulnerabilities without the citizens' direct involvement. As a result, support measures are implemented automatically, even for citizens without access to government internet platforms. The operation of the Digital Family Card is straightforward: potential recipients of government support receive an SMS to consent to the service. Upon agreement, social benefits, payments, or other types of support are allocated and directly deposited into their bank account.

This initiative creates a comprehensive, gender-sensitive, and efficient system of social support for the population. Thanks to this project, now incorporated into Kazakhstan's Social Code, information on more than 6 million families has been added to the card's database. This information enables more effective allocation of government funds and more precise delivery of social assistance, based on real-time data.

UNDP in Kazakhstan systematically promotes the transformation of social services delivery through digital technologies. The Digital Family Card was developed under the financing of the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund for COVID-19 response and recovery, implemented jointly by three UN agencies along with national partners.

Today's GovTech Prize recognition for the Digital Family Card is an initiative of the UAE's Government Service Improvement Program established in 2014. It aims to stimulate and reward government institutions for innovative solutions that address current issues and enhance the quality of life for the population.