Social Cohesion


Support for Social Cohesion in Iraq is a five-year programme launched in January 2020 to promote stronger, peaceful and more cohesive communities in all areas of Iraq. Built on integrating the success and lessons learned from social cohesion projects and interventions implemented since 2017, the programme takes a multi-faceted approach to address institutional frameworks, local mechanisms, capacity development, university curriculums, inter-group and state-citizen relations, and conflict-sensitive responses. Activities aim to facilitate locally-driven solutions and support the integration of conflict sensitivity and social cohesion into Iraq’s governance, stabilization, and development agendas.

Programmes and Initiatives

Integrated Reconciliation Project

Funding Facility for Stabilization


Over 100 submissions

Recieved for UNDP Iraq's Social Cohesion art contest that requested submissions to communicate how people in Iraq come together using visual art, film, and written word

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