Community-based Reconciliation and Reintegration in Iraq


Community-based Reconciliation and Reintegration in Iraq




2021 - 2022


$US8.2 Million




SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


The Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Region; Civil Society

Programme Summary

The Community-based Reconciliation and Reintegration Project supports the community readiness, return, and reintegration of families perceived to be affiliated with ISIL, who are often the most marginalized and vulnerable. The project’s phased approach includes area-based conflict sensitive assessments, facilitation of dialogue, mediation and reconciliation processes relating to the development of local peace covenants, and a full-scale socio-economic reintegration support package in communities of return, including shelter rehabilitation and psychosocial and livelihood programming. The project contributes to the durable solutions strategy and works in partnership with national and local government partners, to facilitate the return of Internally Displaced Persons and ease the negative impacts of COVID-19 on them and on the receiving communities.

What we have achieved so far

  • More than 3, 200 perceived ISIL-affiliated families have been supported to facilitate their return and reintegration through local peace agreements under this project to date, and 4,000 beneficiaries will be reached by the socio-economic reintegration support under this current project. 
  • Local Peace Agreements recently signed in Muhalabiya and Tal Afar, Ninewa, and Habbaniyah, Anbar.