Funding Facility for Stabilization - Annual report 2023

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Funding Facility for Stabilization - Annual report 2023

April 17, 2024

The humanitarian operation in Iraq in 2014 and the inception of the Funding Facility for Stabilization through UNDP and its partners, was the international community’s response to the Government of Iraq’s (GoI) request for support in addressing humanitarian and protection needs due to the ISIL onslaught and occupation. After the military defeat of ISIL and the liberation of the five areas of occupation, the humanitarian response in Iraq has now transitioned into sustainable development, as UNDP attempts to deliver the residual small, medium and largescale infrastructure projects under the FFS, as the programme readies itself for handover to the Government of Iraq by the end of 2026, This report is for the period from  (1 January to 31 December 2023).

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