Catalytic Climate Action in Iraq

Catalytic Climate Action Fact Sheet

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Catalytic Climate Action in Iraq

June 28, 2022

Iraq is among the most fragile countries to the impact of climate change. Temperatures continue to rise, and rainfall has significantly reduced. Without quick action, Iraq will witness a massive reduction in its water resources and experience more heatwaves, droughts, sandstorms and desertification. Food scarcity is likely to increase, impacting both health and livelihoods. 

By providing advisory support to the Iraqi government and assisting it in its climate change adaptation measures and facilitating implementation of the NDC. The project will specifically work on NDC fiscal modelling, energy transition, transboundary water diplomacy, water resources management and improving early warning and preparedness for environmental hazards, such as drought. 

The Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) is Iraq's vision to combat climate change and reduce emissions. The NDC was set after Iraq joined the Paris Agreement in 2021.