Promoting Carbon Reduction Through Energy Efficiency Techniques

Title: Promoting Carbon Reduction Through Energy Efficiency (EE) Techniques in Baghdad City 
Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2020-2021
Budget: US$150,000
Coverage: Baghdad City
SDG: SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy and SDG 13: Climate Action
Partners: The Government of Iraq 

Programme Summary

UNDP is developing the five-year project “Promoting Carbon Reduction Through Energy Efficiency (EE) Techniques in Baghdad City”, following support from the vertical UNDP fund for Global Environment Facility (GEF), and the Government of Iraq (GoI) Ministry of Health of Environment. 

Project activities will be developed in consultation with all relevant stakeholders, including the private sector and with technical support from international and national experts in the energy efficiency field. Key intervention points will be identified through assessment of baseline legislation and regulatory policies, and best practice for technical solutions in energy efficiency for infrastructure, in order to identify a suitable Theory of Change. 

The GEF guidelines ensure that the project document is carefully designed with well identified targets, indicators, and risk mitigation measures. Social and environmental standards will be screened, and the necessary mitigation measures developed, as well as a gender action plan to ensure gender mainstreaming throughout the project. 



What we aim to achieve

  • The promotion of innovation and technology transfer for sustainable energy breakthroughs and accelerate energy efficiency adoption;

  • Enabling policy, institutional, and legislative frameworks to support the development of energy efficiency programs and applications in the building sector;

  • Strengthened individual and institutional capacity at the national level, including expertise in building codes & standards and technical knowledge in the energy efficiency buildings sector;

  • Identification of key intervention points for piloting energy efficiency solutions.