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UNDP in Iraq

At A glance

At A glance



Rebuilding Iraq after ISIL

In partnership with the Government of Iraq, UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization supports the rehabilitation of key infrastructure damaged by ISIL including homes, schools, hospitals, water and electricity networks, helping Iraqis rebuild their lives.



Creating jobs

UNDP encourage Iraqis to rebuild Iraq. The majority or rehabilitation work is contracted through the local private sector which not only reduces costs, but ensures local companies rebuild their own cities with local labor.



Building cohesive societies

UNDP Iraq has established Women Peace Groups in areas liberated from ISIL, promoting peace and reconciliation, and encouraging community participation at all levels.



Environmental protection and preparedness

UNDP Iraq supports environmental rehabilitation and development by addressing the root causes, risks and mitigation measures associated with environmental degradation, climate change, and disasters shocks through building the capacity of government and providing technical assistance.



Engaging young people

Young people have a voice that deserves to be heard. UNDP Iraq connects, supports and engages young people across Iraq, through activities like sport, art and education, bringing together people from different backgrounds to advocate for peace.



Encouraging women to lead 

UNDP Iraq promotes equal opportunities for women and girls. Participation in every aspect of its work are encouraged – from planning projects, to monitoring their progress, to reporting results.



Advocating for the SDGs through innovation 

Young people are key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals - the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. UNDP Iraq established an Innovation Team, working together to find solutions to some of Iraq’s most pressing issues through innovation and collaboration.



Enhancing government capabilities 

Fairness and justice are the hallmarks of peaceful and productive societies. UNDP Iraq’s Security Sector Reform/Rule of Law Programme supports both government and non-government stakeholders to improve local security and access to justice in post-ISIL Iraq.



Strengthening partnerships

UNDP has strong, successful and collaborative partnerships with a number of donors and partner organisations. Through their support, commitment and leadership, they help to make UNDP’s work possible.