The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and the United Nations Development Programme partners to Support Micro and Small Enterprises in Anna Regina

Guyana In Motion Programme

August 17, 2023

The “In Motion” Programme pilot, one month into its implementation, has provided support to 20 business owners (13 female and 7 male) through capacity building and one-on-one technical assistance sessions. The capacity building sessions focused on elaborating key business concepts such as the Japanese 5S (order and quality), commercial image and business models. Furthermore, one-on-one technical assistance with the In Motion Consultant delivered support to each business by examining and enhancing the socio-economic conditions of the businesses in areas of marketing, finance, legal, etc. 

Beneficiaries of the Programme, all of whom are small business owners, have many responsibilities, often balancing their businesses and personal lives. However, there is much interest in the In Motion Programme which they believe will yield valuable results for the growth and development of their businesses. This was demonstrated in their attendance at the workshops and one-on-one consultations with the Consultants and Team. 

“I focus on my business all by myself…and never had anybody helping me so far…maybe my prayers were answered [as I was] granted an opportunity… it all worked for the best and I have learnt so much”.

  • Banwatti Singh, Owner of 3 Sisters Variety Corner.

The concepts learnt during the Programme have motivated Ms. Singh to continue working with the In Motion initiative to expand her business. While she had contemplated implementing some of these measures within her business, the Programme has effectively demonstrated the application of these ideas. 

Another of the Programme’s beneficiaries would like to expand her business to offer traditional Guyanese snacks of fried channa (chickpeas) and “bruk teeth” (fried lentils) etc., into new markets. She shared her excitement about getting support to develop a new logo and branded materials which will help to push her expansion into new markets. She also shared that she visited some businesses in Georgetown that expressed interest in her products and believed that “the logo and labels that In Motion will give is helpful”. 

As the pilot continues its implementation, the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and United Nations Development Programme - Guyana are delighted to have partnered with the participating entrepreneurs to support their business development goals. 

The “In Motion” Programme commenced as a pilot project in June 2023 and aims to support 20 micro and small enterprises (SMEs) in Anna Regina, Region Two to improve their conditions through innovation in their traditional business models.  This includes the design and image of the business, commercial attention, and customer service, allowing SMEs to expand its market and improve its competitiveness and productive capacity. The Programme supports Goal 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, of the Sustainable Development Goals to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. 


InMotion training in Guyana