Our focus


“Leveraging our strengths and innovation to develop national capacities and to foster inclusion and cohesion in a sustainable green Guyana.”

UNDP has been operating in Guyana since 1966, supporting both the Government of Guyana and its people in the pursuit of national goals and objectives, as outlined in its national development plans and strategies.

UNDP Programme in Guyana is guided the Country Programme Document (CPD 2022-2026), and the United Nations Multi-country Sustainable Development Framework in the Caribbean (UN MSDF 2022-2026). UNDP's Strategic Plan (2022-2025) has been designed to be responsive to the wide diversity of the countries we serve. The diversity is reflected in four broad development contexts: Economic resilience and shared prosperity, Equality and well-being, Resilience to climate change and shocks, and sustainable natural resource management and Peace, safety, justice, and the rule of law.

UNDP has contributed to Guyana’s development priorities in particular by supporting the objectives of the Green State Development Strategy (GSDS), namely to promote economic development, while at the same time combating climate change.

Today's development challenges are complex and each context is different. That's why we tailor our work to fit the needs of the countries and communities we serve.