Workshop on investment opportunities in the food, water, energy, and health sectors in Guinea-Bissau in the context of the green recovery after COVID-19

January 25, 2022

The workshop, "Assessment of investment opportunities in Guinea-Bissau in the context of interconnections between food, water, energy and health sectors" will take place at the headquarters of the Industrial Association of Guinea-Bissau on Wednesday, 26 January 2022, from 9.30am.

The event is organised by UNDP Guinea-Bissau in partnership with CESO Development Consultants and Experise SARL in the framework of the project "Blue Economy as a Catalyst for Green Recovery" and aims to present the current situation and the interconnections between the food, water, energy and health sectors for the preparation of a national analysis on investment opportunities in Guinea-Bissau in the context of green recovery after the pandemic of COVID-19. The objective of the study is to provide scientific evidence to support a more sustainable development policy and recommend interventions that can contribute to a faster recovery from the economic impacts of the pandemic.

The workshop will be attended by relevant stakeholders from the sectors involved in the study, including representatives from the Government, international development partners, NGOs present in the country and Bissau-Guinean civil society. Participants will discuss scenarios linking the key sectors covered by the study with a group work based on the assumptions presented during the session by the Team Leader of the team of consultants in charge of the analysis, Boris Divjak.