UNDP launched Na Nô Mon, a virtual knowledge sharing space to support COVID-19 response and behond…

August 18, 2020

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In today’s constantly changing and growing world, it’s becoming more and more important to create spaces that can facilitate connection between communities in order to promote knowledge sharing.

This space is even more important in situations like this current global pandemic that paralyzed the world with intensified effects in Guinea-Bissau due to weak health sector in the country, mainly in rural areas.

In this context, UNDP Guinea-Bissau, in partnership with the UNDP’s “HUB” for Territorial Partnerships and the Italian Cooperation Agency for Development, decided to create “Na Nô Mon” (that means in our hands), www.nanomon.org, an online infrastructure aiming to connect local communities to all national development actors that supports local development in the ground, to identify solutions, replicate innovation and ensure that all the population is benefitting from the interventions, including the most vulnerable groups in a more coordinated manner.

In accordance with the principles of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, leaving no one behind, the community support platform was designed to strengthen the voices of the most vulnerable and marginalized in local communities and their capacities of providing contributions for local and national development processes. For this, efforts will be made to facilitate participation and connection of the most isolated and remote communities through awareness raising activities.

We encourage you to subscribe and be a member of Na Nô Mon, to participate to the discussion about the critical development questions that affect Guinea-Bissau.

Na Nô Mon will serve as an online infrastructure aiming to connect Civil Society Organizations, community members, diaspora, private sector and development partners, in order to identify and share innovations, solutions, facilitate knowledge sharing and promote a dialogue and reflection space. The platform is also a space to foster dialogue about civic, political matters and/or decisions impacting the society and community.

Still as part of this initiative, UNDP launched the Small Grant Scheme, aiming to support local initiatives as well as community organizations to identify socioeconomic and environmental challenges to tackle in order to ensure a socioeconomic recovery and communities’ well-being. The Small Grants will provide to local actors opportunities to act and find solution to the challenges they face.

The applications can be sent to registry.gw@undp.org until December 14, 2020. You can submit project with budget up to 5,750,000 XOF (USD 10,000). Projects under 3,000,000 XOF will not be considered.

The projects presented have to be related to the following themes: construction of inclusive communities, leaving no one behind, gender equality and women empowerment, promotion of a fair and pacific society, construction of resilient communities and societies, creation of  inclusive and sustainable business opportunities.

The candidates must be local associations, civil society organizations, informal local organizations and groups.