Conflict resolution and mediation: essentials for Civil Society actors

July 20, 2022

Members of the Civil Society in a training in mediation. Uaque, Guinea-Bissau, June 2022.

Photo: UNDP Guinea-Bissau/Joana Rodrigues

Civil Society is fundamental for democracy and to contribute to political stabilization and sustainable peace in Guinea-Bissau.

Mediation, conflict analysis and resolution are necessary skills for the CSOs, which is why, in June, 23 Civil Society Organizations participated in a training in mediation, negotiation and dialogue.

“The CSOs have an important role in conflict resolution, mainly here in Guinea-Bissau, where we have chronical instability, and this training aims to develop the CSOs capacities for them to know how to act in conflict situations”, says Ilda Gomes Sá, from the Women Jurists Association.

“(This training) is an extremely important process for the complete fulfilment of our mission to promote political dialogue and consolidation of peace. This happens in a time where the country is struggling with several conflicts, (…) and so we believe it will provide the CSOs with adequate tools to help the country towards development and the rule of law”, says Bubacar Turé, Vice-President of the Guinean League of Human Rights.

In 2020, a CSOs Consultation Space was created, consisting of 29 Civil Society Organizations with a Common Agenda for peace and development in the country. The Consultation Space has been implementing advocacy activities, trainings for the CSOs and other activities ever since.

“UNDP’s support has been crucial and determinant for mission of the CSOs Consultation Space", says Bubacar Turé. "As a matter of fact, without UNDP there would be no Consultation Space."