Community dialogues with influential and opinion leaders on combatting money laundering...

April 12, 2021

Participants at workshop. Photo: UNDP 2021

ENDA is the organization responsible for implementing the Project entitled "Sol Mansi", which aims to contribute to the national response to the fight against money laundering and in the implementation of policies related to drug consumption and trafficking, through capacity building actions, communication for behavioral change and to improve the socio-legal environment in a partnership and in perfect synergy with the responsible national authorities, namely, the National Financial Information Treatment Cell (CENTIF) and the National Council for Combat and Drugs ( CNCD).

The "Sol Mansi" project funded by  UNDP with the Peace Building Funds  and Global Initiative, has within its scope five community dialogues' workshops with 100 influential and opinion leaders on combating money laundering and on risk reduction policies in minimizing damage related to drug trafficking and consumption.

The dialogues' workshops are held in Bissau on 7th de April, in Bubaque on 10th April, in Gabú on 15th April, in Buba on 16th April and in São Domingos on 21st April 2021.