Hope for the Future: How the TRRC Stakeholder Conference is Paving the Way for Accountability and Justice in Africa

May 15, 2023

President Adama Barrow poses with participants of the Stakeholder Forum and Donor Round Table on the Implementation of TRRC Recommendations

Photo: UNDP, 2023

The recently concluded Stakeholder Conference on the implementation of the Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission's (TRRC) recommendations was a success. The conference, which was held in Banjul, brought together various stakeholders, including civil society organizations, government officials, development partners, and the media, to discuss the way forward for the implementation of the TRRC's recommendations.

The conference kicked off with an opening ceremony that featured remarks from key dignitaries, including the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, the EU Ambassador to The Gambia, and the UN Resident Coordinator. The speakers highlighted the importance of the TRRC's work in advancing human rights and accountability in The Gambia and the role of stakeholders in ensuring that the TRRC's recommendations are implemented.

The conference had several panels that addressed different topics related to the TRRC's recommendations, including the challenges and opportunities for implementation, the role of civil society in supporting the TRRC's work, and the need for reparations for victims of human rights violations. The panel discussions were robust and provided an opportunity for stakeholders to share their experiences, ideas, and recommendations on the way forward.

The conference also featured the launch of the TRRC Partnership Platform, which aims to bring together key stakeholders to support the implementation of the TRRC's recommendations. The platform will serve as a forum for dialogue, coordination, and collaboration among stakeholders, including the government, civil society organizations, development partners, and the media.

Overall, the Stakeholder Conference was a significant event that brought together various stakeholders to discuss the implementation of the TRRC's recommendations. The conference highlighted the need for continued collaboration and coordination among stakeholders to ensure that the TRRC's work is successful in advancing human rights and accountability in The Gambia.