UNDP The Gambia

Inclusive economic growth and poverty alleviation

UNDP will address the poverty, inequality and exclusion nexus, providing both upstream and downstream support and building on current programme cycle achievements: evidence-based planning, livelihoods and employment promotion; inclusive growth; and social protection. In collaboration with the World Bank, the IMF and African Development Bank, UNDP will support the recently created Ministry of Planning and Policy and the Gambia Bureau of Statistics. UNDP will work with key ministries to align resources with national priorities, and assessment risks to the achievement of national development objectives, and will mobilize resources. UNDP will prepare high-quality analytical products – the National Human Development Report, the sustainable development goals status report, and other relevant studies. This will enhance the environment for evidence-based policy planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, in line with the sustainable development goals.

The capacity of relevant institutions will be strengthened to design and implement skills and entrepreneurship development interventions for increased employment and productivity, to sustainably lift target groups out of poverty in the Central River and Western Regions. UNDP will institutionalize and harness the linkage between skills development and export promotion; and strengthen linkages with microfinance institutions to help local communities to produce, add value, and support diversification of the economy in partnership with UNCDF. In reducing poverty and inequality, UNDP will assist the implementation of the social protection policy and strategy by implementing a comprehensive social protection programme targeting the most vulnerable children, women and youth, in line with the sustainable development goals objective of leaving no one behind. This will contribute to the attainment of goals1, 8, 10 and 17.