Gender seal renewals - Guidance note

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Gender seal renewals - Guidance note

9 novembre 2022

Sustainability and institutionalizing gender equality is an important component of the Gender Seal programme. Post-certification, Country Offices should maintain and strengthen their work on gender equality with special attention towards systematic allocation of resources, maintaining institutional arrangements and the full and meaningful integration of gender equality in programmatic work. In addition, Gender Seal certified Country Offices can always be driven by the objective to maintain and pursue the achievement of transformational results for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Gender Seal Renewals are only offered to Country Offices who have previously completed the entire Gender Seal Certification process. These COs have received a Bronze, Silver or Gold certification and are now seeking to renew their certification. The duration of a Gender Equality Seal certification is 3 years for Bronze and Silver Offices and 4 years for Gold Offices. For offices that have reached their Gender Seal expiration, we offer a renewal option that acknowledges that offices have already successfully been through the Seal process. It is important to note that renewal means maintaining your same level of certification.