Reducing Deforestation from Commodity Supply Chains

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Reducing Deforestation from Commodity Supply Chains

April 5, 2022

Piloting GGP’s Integrated Approach in reducing deforestation.

We urgently need systemic change in commodity supply chains if we are to mitigate the combined threats of catastrophic climate change, biodiversity loss and food insecurity. Siloed and small-scale approaches have not delivered this. Now, a new report on the Good Growth Partnership Integrated Approach reveals that the four and a half-year programme has had real impact in laying the foundations for systemic change in palm oil, beef and soy supply chains, in partnership with four major producer countries: Indonesia, Brazil, Paraguay and Liberia.

GGP’s Integrated Approach works across production, financing and demand to simultaneously reduce barriers and create enablers in multiple and connected parts of the system. This departure from focusing on one place, sector, or scale of action in favour of establishing connections between different initiatives and stakeholders in the system is an essential feature of the GGP.