Paraguay At-A-Glance Country Guide

Paraguay At-A-Glance Country Guide

December 6, 2019

2019 marks ten years of UNDP addressing the sustainability challenges of highly traded commodities around the world. As part of our anniversary celebrations, we will be taking an inside look into the work of the Programme in each of our countries of operation.

The production of agricultural commodities in Paraguay – while a big contributor to the country’s growing economy – can have a high environmental cost in terms of forest loss. This occurs mainly in areas such as the Alto Paraná Atlantic Forest, located on the border with Brazil, and the Chaco region, the Biosphere Reserve located in northern Paraguay and bordering with Bolivia and Argentina.

In Paraguay, GCP works with Soy and Beef stakeholders to move Paraguay’s sustainability agenda forward with a collective vision for action. Forestland conservation and agricultural expansion do not have to be mutually exclusive: through the dierent initiatives taking place in the country, GCP aims to minimize environmental degradation with plans that also support economic growth.

Download the Paraguay Country Guides to learn more about the work of the Green Commodities Programme in addressing the sustainability challenges of the country's soy and beef sectors.

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