Global Partners

An increasing number of forward-looking businesses recognize the need to create shared value and not just profit if they are to thrive in the long term.

Tackling climate change, deforestation and other environmental impacts, alleviating farmer poverty with a special focus on women, and curbing child labour are some of the issues motivating companies to become actively involved in sustainable food production alongside UNDP FACS.

A Collaborative Approach

Recognizing their growing stake all along the agro-commodity supply chain and in the communities they operate in, companies of all sizes are starting to move away from working in silos. They are acknowledging the value of collaborating with governments and civil society to address the root causes of the issues hindering the sustainability of food production. And more and more, businesses are participating in national dialogues and working groups where strategic long-term policy decisions are developed.

FACS has become a strategic partner to many of these businesses. In each country where we work, we enable their participation in National Commodity Platforms. This is critical as it provides companies with insight on and access to policy agendas and perspectives and a way to support, design and implement policies which will support agricultural best practices.

Setting Up Public-Private Partnerships

UNDP FACS is skilled in setting up partnerships between the private and public sectors, to facilitate the implementation of the National Action Plans developed by the Platforms. These include for example partnerships working to improve national and regional support systems for farmers and conducting the research necessary to inform and advance policymaking.