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Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) open countless opportunities for development, but at the same time they pose new challenges and risks. At the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), we want to be part of that conversation and thus we launched the “AI: Argentine Intelligence” project. We seek to promote public debate on the use of AI for development. Led by Co_Lab, the Accelerator Lab, the project includes several actions and knowledge products available here.


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Much in common: The topics of Argentine democracy its 40 years

As part of the anniversary of the 40 years of democracy, at the Accelerator Lab of UNDP, we used AI tools to identify and analyze the topics that appear in the presidential speeches, from the return of democracy in 1983 to the present.

Learn about the topics of Argentine democracy in its 40 years in this infographic




The speech of democracy in its 40th anniversary

The speech of democracy


On the occasion of the 40 years of democracy, at the Accelerator Lab of UNDP, we use artificial intelligence tools to generate a unified speech from all inaugural and legislative session opening speeches since the return of democracy to the present.

40 Years of Democracy: Discover the Unified Discourse




This exercise also explores the uses of AI to generate inputs that promote democratic dialogue and counterweight political polarization. Along with the analysis per topic, we used ChatGPT to also analyze the presidential speeches, this time to generate a single speech highlighting the agreements and commonalities of the different speeches.

Report: Much in common. The topics and speech of democracy in its 40 years. An analysis of presidential speeches through artificial intelligence.



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