Thematic fact Sheet _ Strategic Governance

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Thematic fact Sheet _ Strategic Governance

August 12, 2021

The programme has a strong focus on strengthening the institutional, human, financial, and technical capacities of governance institutions by helping these institutions put in place systems, structures, policy frameworks, and processes for development effectiveness. The capacity strengthening processes are driven by the core principles of inclusion (leave no one behind), social justice, civic participation, transparency and accountability, innovation, gender equality, human rights, rule of law, and sustainable peace for improved access and service provision. Our governance offer also aims to strengthen capacities of oversight institutions of the Government in key areas of accountably such as e.g, effective and efficient public financial management and auditing system; promote and guarantee the dignity of labor and decent work environment; promote effective and robust social and civic dialogues platforms, promote workers industrial skills development and promote research, learning, and development into Eritrea historical background. In addition, the Strategic Governance Unit helps the Government to advance its national agenda on access to justice, human rights, rule of law, and right to development.
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