Legal framework


UNDP and the Government of Eritrea signed a Standard Basic Assistance Agreement on June 1994. This Agreement embodied the basic conditions under which the UNDP and its Executing Agencies shall assist the Government in carrying out its development projects, and under which such UNDP-assisted projects shall be executed.

The new UNDP Country Programme 2022-2026 (CP) was approved by the Executive Board in September 2021 following a thorough and rigorous formulation processes. The CP is anchored on the Sustain- able Development Goals (SDGs), Agenda 2030, and informed by the Eritrea’s national development priorities and vision: “To become a country where peace, justice, democracy and prosperity prevail. To eliminate hunger, poverty and illiteracy from Eritrea. For Eritrea to preserve its identity and uniqueness”. The CP is aligned with the UNDP Strategic Plan (2022-2025), the UNDP Africa Offer and the newly endorsed United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF/CF 2022-26) for Eritrea, jointly signed in January 2022 between the UN system and the Government of the State of Eritrea.

The CP is framed around the two broad development pillars of the CF; Pillar One: Human development and well-being, and Pillar Two: Inclusive, diversified and climate resilient economy. Underpinned by its touted role as integrator, convener and the lead sustainable development partner of choice, UNDP is strategically positioned in the CP/UNSDCF to offer both upstream high level policy advisory support, as well as downstream operational backbone and programme implementation support that is inclusive (leave no one behind), strengthen systems and capacities for structural transformation and build resilience.


Pillar I: Human development and well-being

Pillar II: Inclusive, diversified, green and climate-resilient economy


UNDP Eritrea  Country Programme Document (CPD) 2022-2026

Terminal Evaluation of UNDP Country Programme Document (CPD) 2017-2021

UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework between Government of the State of Eritrea and the UN 2022-2026

UNDP Eritrea Draft Country Programme Document (CPD) 2013-2016

UN Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) 2013-2016

Standard Basic Framework Agreement (SBAA)

Standard Basic Framework Agreement (SBAA)

Standard Basic Framework Agreement (SBAA)