Financial Aggregation for Distributed Renewable Energy

A Report Series by UNDP's Climate Aggregation Platform​

Developed under UNDP's Climate Aggregation Platform, this report series seeks to demystify financial aggregation and raise awareness about its potential to enable investments in Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) in East Africa and help address the energy access financing gap. 

Launched on the United Nations first International Day of Clean Energy, the series explores the nuances of each market and offers strategic insights for advancing financial aggregation in the DRE sector. It aims to advance our understanding of the key precursors of financial aggregation and the readiness of different sub-sectors (off-grid solar, mini-grids, captive power, e-mobility) in the region, shedding light on the barriers that persist and the opportunities that exist in the market, and providing actionable recommendations to help unlock financial aggregation’s potential.  


UNDP’s Climate Aggregation Platform is a flagship initiative of the Sustainable Energy Hub and Climate Hub to support the structuring and deployment of innovative business models and financial mechanisms to accelerate energy access and a just energy transition. The CAP seeks to advance and raise awareness for innovative solutions to market barriers for financial aggregation in the small-scale, low-carbon energy sector, with the goal to increase access to low-cost financing for clean energy in emerging markets. 


Released on 12 March 2024

"By fostering innovative finance, we can increase the availability and reduce the cost of financing for clean energy, and ultimately, we can help make clean, reliable, and affordable energy accessible to everyone across East Africa and beyond."
Riad Meddeb, Director, Sustainable Energy Hub, UNDP
"Through this work we aim to spark a conversation about innovative climate finance; create synergies among stakeholders; inform new interventions; and ultimately help unlock new sources of capital for clean energy in emerging markets. Sustainable energy is a key enabler for achieving the SDGs and it is a central solution to address climate change.”
Cassie Flynn, Director, Climate Hub, UNDP

The CAP is implemented by UNDP and funded by the Global Environment Facility