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AI-Enabled Financing to Scale Energy Access

Financial aggregation solution by Nithio

The solution

Nithio’s blended-finance vehicle unlocks new capital by helping to provide clarity around risk in the market. Through this vehicle, Nithio finances not only large solar companies, but also small and medium local operators who are most often reaching last-mile customers. Nithio will adapt its data-driven blended-finance model, which is a sustainable, risk-informed approach to finance aggregated receivables for the off-grid solar sector, to determine how it can be best tailored to the Rwandan market. 

Nithio’s Financial Intermediary, Nithio FI, is a data-driven blended-finance vehicle that provides a sustainable, risk- informed approach to finance aggregated receivables for the off-grid solar sector, including solar home systems and productive use appliances. Nithio leverages its proprietary Risk Analytics Engine, which combines geospatial demographic and socioeconomics data, customer repayment data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to standardize credit risk. Currently, Nithio has US$26 million in committed funds and intends to scale to over $ 100 million by 2025. They have provided 11 loans in Kenya and Nigeria to date.

Nithio has developed partnerships with other investors, local distributors, other financiers, local banks, and others. However, Nithio does not currently operate in Rwanda and, as such, views the Feasibility Assessment as an integral channel to be able to understand and adapt its data-driven financing to the Rwandan market. It will also enable Nithio to support the Rwandan Government’s focus on subsidy allocation, which helps to ensure that no one is left behind in the push for universal energy access, especially the last-mile customers and most vulnerable.

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About Nithio

​​​Nithio is an AI-driven platform for clean energy investment. The company has standardized credit risk assessments to catalyze billions of dollars of capital into solutions that address climate change and help achieve universal energy access. Nithio does so by lending directly to the off-grid solar sector through its financial intermediary, Nithio FI, as well as supporting other investors to scale their investments by better understanding consumer credit risk. Learn more at​​ 


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