Building Energy Performance Certification


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Building Energy Performance Certification

August 6, 2015

The following brochure by dr. Adil Lari describes European and International experience with building energy performance certification. The brochure looks in detail at the legal and practical implementation of a building energy performance certification system according to the Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) in 4 EC Member States; United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany and Bulgaria with detailed comments on best practice.

This brochure falls within the UNDP/GEF project Improving the Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in the Republic of Belarus. The objective of this task is to share international experience and best practices towards developing a legal form and procedure for building energy performance certification, and as applicable, a building energy performance certification mechanism with specific emphasis on the related systems in EU Member States and the possibility to adapt these entirely or partly for conditions in Belarus. 

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