UNDP Launches a New Support Mechanism to Help Belarus Fight COVID-19 and Its Consequences

April 14, 2020

UNDP will join forces with national and local partners, international organizations, businesses and NGOs to undertake coordinated action aiming to stop COVID-19 spread and help mitigate the risk and socio-economic impact on the people and the economy.

The mechanism is intended to catalyse integrated support for Belarus’ public health response to COVID-19, and strengthen national the efforts to protect livelihoods and facilitate business continuity, aiming to find innovative and technology-driven ways to help end COVID-19 emergency and support the country on its path to recovery.

"UNDP continues to deliver its USD 9.5 million/year country programme across sectors and Belarus’ regions.  We do not scale down but scale up.  Because COVID-19 impacts on communities’ health and country’s development prospects.  As soon as UNDP launched it’s integrated support package globally, we brought it to Belarus," said Alexandra Solovieva, UNDP's Resident Representative in Belarus. "Working with our ministerial partners, we will help with socio-economic measures, volunteer mobilization, and capacity to procure essential supplies.  Current situation calls on all partners to step forward, to use new solutions, new technologies and help people who need it most."


UNDP will help to quickly procure quality equipment and medical supplies for health workers who are now saving lives on the frontlines of fight with COVID-19 and for people from vulnerable groups who urgently need these supplies.


UNDP aims to develop a volunteer movement to help people cope with the socio-economic impact of COVID-19, including elderly people and people with disabilities.

We will employ innovative and digital solutions to mobilize society against the virus and will apply these solutions further to support Belarus on its path to recovery and development after the coronavirus crisis will be over.

UNDP will help ensure that every Belarusian has access to comprehensive, relevant and reliable information on COVID-19. With knowledge on how to protect themselves and their loved ones, the people will be able to "smooth the curve" of the coronavirus spread. We will also regularly share our experts' opinions and knowledge about COVID-19, as well as success stories of people who have adapted to new conditions and help others to cope with the challenges of living amid the outbreak.


UNDP will help Belarus to make the COVID-19 impact assessment of social and economic fabrics of the society and help develop and pilot innovative solutions for the recovery and development.

UNDP’s support to Belarus is an integral part of the overall UN efforts to counter the spread and address the socio-economic impact of COVID-19.