UNDP facilitates Dialogues Among Parliamentarians on Gender-Based Hate Speech and Bangladesh Delta Plan

Bridging Knowledge Gaps: UNDP Bangladesh and Bangladesh Parliament Collaborate on Gendered Hate Speech and Delta Plan 2100

September 6, 2023

Speaker Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury engages in a pivotal discussion at the knowledge-sharing event, showcasing collaborative efforts to shape Bangladesh's resilient future

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the Bangladesh National Parliament, organised a knowledge-sharing event on 5 September at the National Parliament Building to foster knowledge exchange and enrichment for Members of Parliament (MPs) with essential insights on two paramount issues: Gendered Hate Speech and the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.

The Foundational Knowledge Exchange session provided a platform for parliamentarians and parliament secretariat officials to gain profound insights into the multifaceted problem of Gendered Hate Speech. The discussion encompassed comprehensive definitions, diverse manifestations, and effective strategies to combat this pressing issue. Additionally, the session facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, emphasising the pivotal role that parliamentarians play in its successful implementation.

Professor Dr Akhter Hussain, former Chairman of the Department of Public Administration at the University of Dhaka, delivered the keynote address on Gendered Hate Speech and Dr Shamsul Alam, the State Minister of the Ministry of Planning, offered a comprehensive presentation on the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, shedding light on its significance for the nation's sustainable future.

Stefan Liller, Resident Representative of UNDP Bangladesh, attended the event as a special guest and shared in his remarks, "UNDP is a long-standing and proud companion of Bangladesh on its development journey. Our collaboration with the parliament is grounded in a collective ambition and shared vision of a more equitable, prosperous, and resilient nation: a Bangladesh where gendered hate speech is a relic of the past, and climate resilience is a guarantee for the future.”

The event concluded with closing remarks from the Chief Guest, Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament. The speaker underscored the necessity of adopting a comprehensive, whole-of-society approach to effectively address hate speech while ensuring the successful realisation of the Delta Plan 2021. She stated, "Together, we are charting a course toward a more inclusive and resilient Bangladesh. Let us persist in our collective efforts, recognising that our actions today will shape the future we bequeath to future generations."

Members of Parliament, UNDP representatives, and key stakeholders gather around the table, collaboratively delving into discussions on Gendered Hate Speech and the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100

The collaboration between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Bangladesh National Parliament signifies their joint commitment to promoting knowledge exchange, collaboration, and decisive action on issues that significantly impact Bangladesh's future. This Foundational Knowledge Exchange session marks a significant stride toward building a more informed, resilient, and harmonious Bangladesh.

K.M. Abdus Salam, Senior Secretary of the Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat, moderated the event.