UNDP and DoE launch climate resilience project

Strengthening Climate Resilience: Launch of a Pioneering Project for Bangladesh's Vulnerable Islands and Charlands

March 7, 2024

Key figures from the UNDP and Department of Environment unite at the launch event of the Adaptation Initiative for Climate Vulnerable Offshore Small Islands and Riverine Charland in Bangladesh, marking a pivotal moment for climate resilience efforts in Charfesson, Bhola.

©UNDP Bangladesh

The Adaptation Initiative for Climate Vulnerable Offshore Small Islands and Riverine Charland in Bangladesh Project, a collaborative effort between the Department of Environment (DoE) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), launched today, 06 March, with an inception workshop at Charfashion Upazila Parishad, Bhola.

This five-year project, initiated in January 2023 and funded by the Adaptation Fund through UNDP, aims to significantly enhance climate resilience at both the household and community levels. The project encompasses a multifaceted approach to address the diverse challenges posed by climate change, with a focus on vulnerable communities living on coastal islands and riverine chars in Bangladesh.

Dr. Abdul Hamid, Director General of DoE, presided as the Chief Guest, while Md. Iqubal Hossain, Deputy Secretary and Director of the Environmental Department, Khulna Division, joined as the Special Guest. Sarder M Asaduzzaman, Assistant Resident Representative of UNDP Bangladesh, was also present as the guest of honor.

Mirza Shawkat Ali, Director of DoE and Project Director, presented the keynote paper on "Adaptation Initiative." The Chief Guest, Dr. Abdul Hamid, emphasized the pivotal role of transparency and accountability in the beneficiary selection process, stressing their significance for the project's success. He called for collaborative efforts from all stakeholders to achieve the project's ambitious goals.

Sarder M Asaduzzaman, from UNDP, highlighted the paramount importance of gender equality and women's empowerment in project implementation. He urged adherence to UNDP's Social and Environmental Standards (SES) to mitigate social and environmental risks throughout the project's execution.

Mirza Shawkat Ali, Director of DoE and Project Director, urged coordination among all government departments at the upazila level to facilitate the seamless and successful implementation of the project.

The inception workshop served as a platform for meaningful discussions, setting the tone for collaborative efforts in addressing climate vulnerabilities in Bangladesh and ensuring the sustainable development of offshore small islands and riverine charland communities.

Empowering Communities, Protecting Ecosystems: A Bold Step Towards Climate Resilience in Bangladesh's Vulnerable Regions.