Low-Cost climate resilient housing in Chandpur, a step towards urban poverty reduction

Foundations of Hope: Pioneering Climate-Resilient Habitats for Urban Poverty Alleviation

November 7, 2023

Breaking Ground on Sustainability: UNDP's Low-Cost, Climate-Resilient Housing Project Paves the Way for Urban Poverty Reduction in Chandpur.

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In an event held on November 6, 2023, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) marked the commencement of construction of Low-Cost Housing aimed at improving the lives of the urban poor in Chadpur district. This  effort is part of the National Urban Poverty Reduction Programme (NUPRP), also known as the Livelihoods Improvement of Urban Poor Communities Project (LIUPCP), a five-year initiative jointly launched by UNDP and the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh.

The Harijan Community, residing in Sharnokhola, Ward No. 9, has long faced dire living conditions marked by inadequate housing, limited livelihood opportunities, and restricted access to essential services, including clean water and sanitation. The innovative Low-Cost Housing project, designed as part of LIUPCP, integrates climate-resilient architecture, economic viability, environmental sustainability, local context, and inclusivity for children, the disabled, and the elderly. This initiative signifies a significant stride toward enhancing their living conditions and overall well-being.

Driving Change: Stefan Liller, UNDP Resident Representative, Advocates for Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Development in Chandpur.

©UNDP Bangladesh

Speaking at the ceremony, Stefan Liller, Resident Representative of UNDP Bangladesh, stated, "We have accompanied this journey for several years, hand in hand with the central government and the local government. We provided the technical assistance, but the leadership and financing come from the government, which shows the commitment the Government of Bangladesh has towards developing marginalised communities and building climate resilience."

LGD Secretary Muhammad Ibrahim commended the project, emphasising, "I really appreciate these types of projects. These are small interventions fund-wise, but they benefit lots of marginalised people in the community. This initiative should be expanded not just in Chandpur Municipality but in other unions as well. The Government of Bangladesh is committed to reducing urban poverty and improving the lives of the urban poor. UNDP is a valuable partner in this effort, and we are grateful to FCDO for their support."

Mayor of Chandpur Municipality Md Jillur Rahman expressed his gratitude for UNDP and the Local Government Division's support and reiterated the successful partnership shown by the government at both the local and national levels with UNDP and FCDO. In his speech, the Mayor requested "Continued support from UNDP and LGD in improving the livelihoods of Chandpur’s marginalised community."

Uniting for Change: UNDP's Stefan Liller Joins Government Dignitaries and Local Leaders at the Inauguration of Chandpur's Low-Cost Housing Initiative

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The NUPRP is a comprehensive program with the objective of reducing urban poverty by enhancing the livelihoods and living conditions of the urban poor. The program offers a wide range of services, including community mobilization and empowerment, socio-economic and nutritional support, small-scale climate-resilient infrastructure development, and gender mainstreaming support. The NUPRP is being implemented in 19 cities across Bangladesh, including Chandpur.

This collaborative effort between the government, UNDP, and FCDO represents a significant milestone in the quest to alleviate urban poverty and create a better future for the urban poor in Chandpur. It serves as a testament to the power of partnerships in making a positive impact on marginalised communities.