Community UN Volunteers in Bangladesh bolster climate adaptive communities

Celebrating Community UN Volunteers: Building Climate-Resilient Communities in Bangladesh

February 1, 2024

Community UN Volunteers participating in an orientation session organized by LoGIC project in Rangamati. Shumonto Chakma, Community UN Volunteer, UNDP Bangladesh

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Bangladesh grapples with consequences of rapid climate change, with rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and unpredictable water patterns that threaten the very fabric of life for millions. 44 Community UN Volunteers take on challenges to build climate-resilient communities through adaptive measures in Bangladesh and act for change through a partnership between UNV and UNDP. 14 assignments of this initiative are funded through the UNV’s Special Voluntary Fund to reinforce inclusion of professionals from marginalized communities.

The Community UN Volunteers were selected from 22 unions under Bandarban and Rangamati districts representing the marginalized group of ethnic minorities descending from tribal groups in the hard-to-reach terrains of Hill District Regions - 58% women. The volunteers began their assignments in December 2023 to support the multi-donor Local Government Initiative on Climate Change (LoGiC). Being from and working with the local communities, they are helping to build more climate-resilient and self-reliant households. In their daily work, these volunteers are engaging with local cooperatives, green enterprises, and youth forums in assisting communities to effectively utilize Climate Resilience Funds (CRF). They are also facilitating 7,500 individuals to open bank accounts, develop business plans, and monitor the project implementation as part of the project's contribution towards financial inclusion.

Mr. Stefan Liller, the Resident Representative of UNDP in Bangladesh, emphasized the significance of the partnership.

This collaboration with UN Volunteers through our LoGIC initiative, is in line with UNDP's focus of promoting inclusive participation and creating opportunities for women and youth, leaving no one behind. The Community UN Volunteers possess the necessary expertise and technical proficiency to deliver support that address the specific needs of their communities. Through their assignments, they will play a key role in enhancing the capabilities of marginalized communities, facilitating the efficient use of Climate Resilience Funds in hard-to-reach areas in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. The contribution of UN Volunteers enhances the impact of this project, which is jointly executed by UNDP and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), with support from the Multi Partner Trust Fund Office, Sweden and Denmark.

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Community UN Volunteers act as a link between communities and partners, ensuring that the project is implemented in a culturally inclusive and participatory manner.

Through the Community UN Volunteers, we hope to empower communities for localized action, which will bring positive and sustainable changes through volunteerism. Individuals from marginalized ethnic minorities and women are using their experiences and local knowledge to impact their communities while also honing their skills. We hope to see this type of collaboration with UNDP and other partners in many communities in the region.-- Ms. Kyoko Yokosuka, UNV’s Deputy Executive Coordinator.

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UNV has partnered with UNDP to engage 3,309 UN Volunteers globally last year, while 770 of them served in Asia and the Pacific region. Coming from 101 nationalities, they support UNDP in 34 countries across all areas of its mandate from poverty alleviation to climate action. In Bangladesh, UNDP hosted 106 UN Volunteers who contributed the acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals through people-centered approaches, leaving no one behind.

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Join hands with Community UN Volunteers in Bangladesh to create climate-resilient communities. Together, we can make a difference for a sustainable future.