Local Government Initiatives on climate change (LoGIC)

LoGIC, a multi-donor collaborative initiative of GoB, UNDP, UNCDF, EU and SIDA, aims to enhance the capacity of vulnerable communities, Local Government Institutions (LGI) and civil society organisations (CSO) for planning and financing climate change adaptation solutions in selected climate vulnerable areas. The Local Government Division (LGD) is the implementing lead of the project in partnership with UNDP and UNCDF.  Project priorities will be addressed through three sets of core actions: capacity building, providing access to climate change funds and policy advocacy. The project is designed to support roughly 200,000 most vulnerable households in 72 unions in 7 districts.

Project objective

Improved and inclusive local level planning and a strengthened financing mechanism for community-based climate change adaptation solutions through local government.

Key Results

  • Community resilience fund operationalised to finance climate vulnerable community
  • Capacity enhancement plan is developed and implemented
  • Performance based climate resilient grants system is developed and implemented
  • CCA-DRR financing at local level is enhanced by the active community participation
  • Learning lessons at the local level and inform policy dialogue at the national level
  • Climate Change Capacity Development of LGIs, households other local stakeholders.
  • Established financing mechanism for implementing climate change adaptation measures
  • Experience and evidence inform and contribute to further improvements in policies