Milanda in Palu

The young Indonesian was selling cooking oil at a festival when the 7.2 earthquake struck in the Palu Bay

May 23, 2022
Illustration of young indonesian women and tsunami approaching

Milanda in Palu is the third UNDP 'Tsunami Story Book'

Kseniya Kuleshenko

When Milanda arrived to the Palu Nomoni Festival, she was expecting a good day of sales, like in previous years. However, at the end of that evening, the young Indonesian counted herself fortunate to be among the survivors of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that struck in Palu, Indonesia. “When the products I had arranged began falling at once I spontaneously jumped onto the street. Then I heard people started to shout very loudly, tsunami…tsunami!” she said. Read Milanda’s story on the third ‘UNDP Tsunami Story Book’.