UNDP and RA Government Launch “Platform #5 | Upskilling” Women's Economic Empowerment Program

November 29, 2022


Women's economic empowerment in Armenia and active participation in all spheres of social and political life are crucial for the country's sustainable development. The active involvement of women in the labour market and the creation of equal conditions is essential not only for realizing their professional potential and economic growth but also for overcoming poverty and preventing gender-based violence countrywide.

Despite various efforts in recent years directed at women's empowerment and economic activity, just over half (51.4%) of women of working age participate in the labour force, compared with 70.6% of men. Moreover, 41.7% of young women (15-29) in the country are neither in employment nor education, while the rate of young men with the same age and status is 23.5%.

In Armenia, the reasons for being outside the labour market are different; the main ones include care work (child or family member), lack of necessary skills, social norms and stereotypes. In addition, women from the regions, women with many children or with disabled children or disabled family members, and victims of trafficking and domestic violence are also among the vulnerable groups left out of the labour market. Moreover, in today's rapidly changing world with newly emerging professions and required skill sets, women in the abovementioned vulnerable groups find it even harder to join the workforce.

However, modern challenges also bring about modern solutions.

Acknowledging the significance of women's economic empowerment, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the RA Ministry of Economy together launched the "Platform #5" women's professional development upskilling program. The program will provide an opportunity for women outside of labor market and with low economic productivity to acquire new digital marketing skills and have stable jobs. The program's implementing partner is the "Sovorir Online"  (Learn Online) platform, which offers an online step-by-step digital marketing course.

Today, digital marketing is one of the most popular professions that can be practiced remotely. Moreover, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in recent years, remote work has become an effective mode of labour among different organizations worldwide, which in turn continues to create new job opportunities.

The program beneficiaries are women from Yerevan and the regions who are enrolled in the family or social benefits system, are unemployed (have not worked for at least three months after applying for the program), who have been subjected to trafficking, domestic violence or exploitation, who have a child with a disability or who are caretakers of adults with disabilities or have three and more children.

The program is currently in the process of participant recruitment. The program's first phase includes several courses and is free of charge for all interested beneficiaries who meet the established criteria. The second phase will be free of charge for 250 participants who have received the maximum points during the courses. Upon completing the courses, the participants will have the opportunity to do an internship and receive mentorship and support in finding a job.

To participate in the program, participants need to have a smartphone with internet access, access to a computer and basic digital literacy, including the ability to use social media platforms.

The digital marketing courses provided by the "Sovorir Online" platform include more than 40 video lessons, more than 500 online tests, group work opportunities and career advice. As of 2021, over 500 students enrolled in the course through the platform have already found a job with an average of AMD 250-500K monthly salary.