Chambarak young entrepreneur reaches new benchmark for his business

September 13, 2023

Nikolay Bozanyan

UNDP in Armenia



Nikolay Bozanyan, а 23-year-old young entrepreneur, is the founder of a fast food and coffee shop in Chambarak community. "I started my business about two and a half years ago," says Nikolay, "despite some successes, I encountered various challenges. I could hardly meet the demand; the preparation of food took quite a long time; the assortment was limited; and it was difficult to ensure food storage for a long term.”

In spring 2023, UNDP "Unleashing Employment and Income Generating Opportunities for Youth in the Regions of Armenia" project, in frame of an initiative to support youth-led entrepreneurships and in partnership with “Youth for Change” NGO, has provided 16 small businesses residing in Gegharkunik and Kotayk regions with business development grants. Nikolay was among the selected beneficiaries. 

“Thanks to the UNDP support the young businessman has entirely upgraded and improved his fast-food shop. Nikolay was able to acquire modern and high-quality equipment and utensils for food processing and storage, such as a microwave stove, stainless worktables, shawarma and chicken grill machines, salad-bar, etc.,” clarifies NGO officer Evrik Ghazaryan.

Nikolay specifies, “The purchased equipment assures speed and new quality of food preparation. For instance, now I make pizzas twice faster than before, food is preserved longer and in more hygienic conditions than previously. I could also diversify my assortment offering new varieties of pizzas and pies, pastry, high-quality grills, and shawarma”. As a result, the community members now have access to substantially improved food service and diversified assortment. They may use dishes, which meet high hygienic standards and cooking norms.

As a result of the UNDP intervention, the turnover has already increased by at least 30 percent. Moreover, thanks to UNDP’s initiative, the collaboration with other entrepreneurs in the same region has enlarged. Particularly, part of the semi-finished products is delivered by “Suina-Sevan” production, which is also one of the project’s beneficiaries. “Thanks to the UNDP support, only in one and a half month I could substantially expand my entrepreneurship, improve my services, reach new quality benchmark in my business,” happily mentions Nikolay Bozanyan. He plans to significantly enlarge his business in the upcoming months, creating new jobs and involving young employees.    

The "Unleashing Employment and Income Generating Opportunities for Youth in the Regions of Armenia" project aims at supporting the fulfilment of the youth’s potential and wellbeing in the regions of Armenia through improved education opportunities, facilitated labor market transition, and entrepreneurship.