Socio-Spatial Analytics of Yerevan


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Socio-Spatial Analytics of Yerevan

April 27, 2021

Over the course of “Placemaking: urban co-design as a catalyst for change” project, “Strelka KB”, urban consulting agency developed the methodology on urban context study and public engagement in urban design. As a result, comprehensive socio-spatial, anthropological, GIS and architectural analysis have been conducted by international and local team of experts for the pilot park, Yerevan Youth Park (former Circular garden.)

In order to contribute to Yerevan city development plan, UNDP in Armenia invited “SPIN Unit” urban agency for the socio-spatial analysis of Yerevan based on multiple geo-referenced data sources and advanced spatial analysis tools. In addition, “Strelka KB”, using machine learning algorithms, analysed non-stimulated user texts in social media to understand citizen perception on public spaces in Yerevan. Moreover, the project acquired a comprehensive analysis of the current economic value of green urban areas and squares in Yerevan aiming to advocate the importance of public spaces not only in terms of health and well-being but also its impact on the economy of the city.

The project was funded by the Russian Federation, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and UNDP.

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