Armenia Tobacco Control Investment Case

Armenia Tobacco Control Investment Case

October 29, 2021


In Armenia, around 28 percent of people currently use some form of tobacco product, leading to over 5,500 deaths every year. About half of those deaths occur among those under age 70. Nearly one-fifth (19 percent) of lives lost from tobacco use are due to exposure to secondhand smoke, which is more than double the global average.  Tobacco costs Armenia AMD 273.1 billion every year, equivalent to 4.2 percent of its annual GDP. These annual costs include a) AMD 75.8 billion in healthcare expenditures, and b) AMD 197.3 billion in lost productive capacities due to premature mortality and disability as well as workplace smoking breaks.

The investment case findings demonstrate that enacting and enforcing seven proven FCTC tobacco control measures would, over the next 15 years save 23,245 lives and reduce the incidence of disease. AMD 889 billion in economic losses would be averted, and implementation would lead to an additional AMD 246 billion in savings through avoidance of tobacco-attributable healthcare expenditures. The economic benefits (AMD 889 billion) would significantly outweigh the costs of implementing the 7 WHO FCTC measures (AMD 10.4 billion).

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