Unleashing Employment and Income Generating Opportunities for Youth in the Regions of Armenia

What we do

“Unleashing Employment and Income Generating Opportunities for Youth in the Regions of Armenia” project is funded by the Russian Federation and is implemented in four target regions of Armenia: Syunik, Vayots Dzor, Gegharkunik and Kotayk. The main implementing partner is RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.  

The project goal is to support the fulfilment of youth’s potential and wellbeing in the target regions of Armenia through:

  • improved education opportunities especially in TVET sector;
  • facilitated labor market transition from education to world of work;
  • enhanced youth entrepreneurship.

This multifaceted approach will allow to meet the immediate needs of youth as well as to support policy-level reforms in education and youth employment sectors to bring positive changes at the community level aimed at strengthening youth resilience to compound crisis in a long run. 

Expected results

  • Enhanced statistics tools aimed at development of updated labor market information for informed decision-making in TVET sector;
  • Strengthened institutional and human capacities of the regional TVET establishments to effectively engage young people in work-based learning (WBL);
  • Increased participation of young people, especially in rural areas of the target regions through introduction of active labour market policy (ALMP) instruments;
  • Improved quality and accessibility of career guidance and professional orientation for young people;
  • Enhanced transferable skills of young people from the target regions;
  • Enlarged access to income-generating opportunities for young people through promotion of youth entrepreneurship.