Support to Migration and Border Management in Armenia (MIBMA)

What we do

Integrated border management is vital for the expansion of Armenia’s economic, trade, and cultural ties with the countries of the region, but also to manage and control the flow of travellers efficiently with full protection of their rights. The overall objective of the project, which is financed by the European Union and implemented by the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) in partnership with UNDP, is to improve the approximation of migration and border management in Armenia to the European standards of governance in order to increase security and facilitate trade. UNDP will also support the Government of Armenia in preparation for the modernisation of the southern border crossing with Iran.

Throughout its operation, the Project will deliver:

- Final Detailed Design Package with Bill of Quantities and Final Cost Estimates as well as full set of Tender Documentation;

- Innovative, user-friendly IT solutions applied for strengthening accountability and transparency of border services including:

- series of multi-lateral Armenia, Iran and Georgia workshops, study tours and conferences with a view to strengthen the cross-border dialogue and facilitate trade, for simplification of trade facilitation and cross border cooperation.

Some results so far

- Preliminary design and cost estimates prepared for modernization of the Meghri border crossing point on Armenia-Iran border,

- Environmental and social impact analysis is well underway,

- Local practices of joint use border crossing between Georgia and Turkey were studied during a study tour to Sarpi customs crossing point on Georgian-Turkish border,

- Software packages in development stages for enhancing accountability, transparency and integrity in border management practices, including

a. e-system for submission and processing of passenger customs declarations,

b. e-system to register entry and exit time for vehicles and cargo,

c. e-tool for evaluation of the quality of the services at the border.