Modern Parliament for a Modern Armenia (MAP)

What we do

Modern Parliament for a Modern Armenia (MAP) is designed to support the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia (NA) in carrying out its main functions: legislative, oversight, and representation and creating avenues for public engagement.

The project's long-term goal is to improve the efficiency of the Parliament as a policy-making institution, as well as to help the National Assembly in taking advantage of modern governance tools and processes, with a focus on improved parliamentary quality, transparency, and inclusiveness, and enhanced parliamentary capacity for gender-responsive policymaking.

UNDP MAP Project is supporting the NA in enhancing its role and functions in legislative research, training and drafting as we as oversight by:

➔     Enhancing capacity in law-making, policymaking, and oversight

➔     Increasing the transparency and inclusiveness of the legislature

➔     Responsiveness to the needs of constituencies and strengthening interaction with them

Results so far

MAP Project impact

  • strengthening the separation of powers and parliamentary democracy by introducing extensive reformatory processes and tools.
  • enhancement of the overall policy making in the NA through provision of a quality research and collection of wide inputs. This in turn provided a demand by MPs for more analytical approach and quality preparation in legislative drafting.
  • foster culture of openness of the RA NA and raising awareness amongst the citizens that they have the right to be informed and consulted.
  • fostering dialogue between the CSOs and MPs
  • public consultations
  • post-legislative scrutiny
  • timely legislative impact analysis in terms of amendments to the following key laws:Amendments to the Labour Law:

-       Introducing paternity leave

-       Child Care improvements

  • Amendment to the RA Law on Local Self-Government
  • Amendment to the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Amendments to the Criminal Code
  • Amendments to the Civil Code

Technical and Strategic highlights

·         Supported the NA towards becoming a truly transformative parliament by embarking on a digital transformation, cooperation and strengthening of all NA functions.

·         Institutionalisation of the Research and Training Centre

·         Business continuity plan and protocols including the cyber security

·         International and local platforms contribution for CSOs-NA platforms


  • Introduction and institutionalisation of several innovative mechanisms such as web portal, mobile committee sessions, public participation platforms etc.
  • Contributed to securing strategic approach in reformatory processes and led towards digital transformation set up
  •  Introduction of e-Modules, e-Learning materials and hand-over to the depository of the Research and Training Centre


  •   Gender Responsive Policy Making
  •  CSOs-NA Cooperation platform (324 representatives from different organizations)
  •  Gender Audit
  •  Gender Responsive Budgeting
  •  Gender Reference Library