EU Local Empowerment of Actors for Development in Lori and Tavush Regions (EULEAD4Lori and Tavush Regions)

What we do

The EULEAD4Lori and Tavush Regions project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the UN Food and Agricultural Organization and in close cooperation with the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure. The project is implemented in Lori and Tavush regions of Armenia as part of the European Union’s LEADER / Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) concept.  

It helps the local population in Lori and Tavush to play active role in inclusive, resilient and sustainable local development that aims at designing of territorial development models with involvement of citizens in setting development agenda, decision-making and implementation. 


1 Mobilise, capacitate and incentivise local actors to define community needs-driven strategies in Lori and Tavush regions

2. Build supporting infrastructure to prioritise, implement and sustain local-grown initiatives in Lori and Tavush regions

3. Improve the capacity of the relevant ministries and other bodies and develop policy mechanisms at the national level for successful piloting and sustainability of the LEADER approach in Armenia.

Some results so far

  • Legal study on legal framework of implementation and LAG partnership model has been conducted 
  • Awareness-raising campaigns were conducted in 9 clusters of Lori and Tavush regions, covering over 150 settlements  
  • Maps of national, international and local stakeholders were created 
  • ToT for community coaches was conducted and a partner organization was contracted to provide community coaching services 
  • As part of COVID19 and crisis mitigation measures, including support to potato-growers in Vahagni community, providing sewing machines to displaced women, the selection process of providing bakery equipment, smart barn support, vegetable production consultations and hotline, installing PV system are under way 
  • First phase of A-DAMS system has been completed, pending further commitment from the Government.