Addressing climate change impact through enhanced capacity for wildfires management in Armenia

Forest wildfires in Armenia in August 2017.

What we do

Armenia is located in the northern part of the subtropical climatic zone with intensive solar radiation and warm weather conditions. The country’s scarce forest resources are often located next to intensively cultivated agricultural lands and grasslands and are greatly exposed to anthropogenic and climate change impact. The forecast of air temperature and rainfall changes according to the Third National Communication on Climate Change shows clear trends of further aridization for the major part of country. This will further increase the frequency and intensity of forest and wildfire.

Armenia is considered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as one of the 25 worldwide biodiversity hotspots. Most of the high biodiversity hotspots in the territory of the RA are linked to forests or forestlands. For this reason, it is important to analyze the nature of vegetation fires, to develop knowledge and a forward-looking policy, appropriate legislation, and corresponding capacities to prevent wildfires and apply efficient methods fire suppression.

Funded by the Russian Federation and in close partnership with the Government of Armenia, the Project’s efforts are aimed at:

Revision and updating of policy and legislation documents, normative acts and/or standards related to forest and wildfire management;

Developing forest and wildfire fighting community-based rescue team and regional administrative capacities (including the institute of volunteers) for prevention and mitigation of forest and wildfire risks;

Developing and supporting alternative entrepreneurship-based activities for the prevention and mitigation of wildfire risks;

- Establishing sustainable mechanism for the promotion of innovations and replication of technological solutions in Climate Change adaptation and mitigation activities related to agriculture and forestry sector. 

Expected results

The project proposes to revise and update policy and legislation for prevention wildfires as part of sustainable forest management system, as well as to establish operative-functioning early warning system under the auspices of the Inter-Governmental Task Force coordinated by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The project’s goal is to develop well-educated, trained and equipped forest and wildfire fighting community-based rescue team for prevention and mitigation of forest and wildfire risks. Alternative entrepreneurship and innovation-based activities for the prevention and mitigation of wildfire risks also will be demonstrated and supported by the project.