Study Tour to Ayrum-Chochkan Water Pumping Station

May 2, 2024


Two study tours were organized to the Lori region for the representatives of Water users Associations, community administration and local farmers in March, jointly with UNDP and Water Users Associations of Lori and Shirak region.

The study tours were organized within the scope of the “Transition to low carbon irrigation technologies for increased productivity, food security and enhanced livelihoods in Lori and Shirak regions of Armenia'' project, funded by the Government of Japan and implemented by UNDP.

The main objective of the tours was the demonstration of modernized PV stations in Ayrum-Chochkan and Ayrum water pumping stations with overall 300Kw capacity, as well as presentation of GIS based data management system developed for Lori and Shirak regions as a pilot product. The benefits and principles of using PV stations were presented to the participants. The benefits of unified data management system were also presented and highlighted that with proper use of the system the WUA`s could monitor the overall water distribution process, type, and size of agricultural lends, impact of hazards, including calculation of damage and loss, as well as improve the registration of real number of direct beneficiaries/households disaggregated by age and gender. 

The second visit organized on 29 March was aimed at a demonstration of energy-efficient pumps and a discussion of the renovation and replacement process. During the study tour, the members of WUA`s highlighted the importance of the modernization process and further replication in other regions of Armenia. It was agreed that UNDP will provide all final technical specifications to the WUA`s, and Water Committee related to PV stations and energy-efficient pumps that will be used for replication and modernization of pumping stations in  other regions.