Localization of SDG6 in Armenia

July 13, 2020

Project Inception Workshop

On 10 July the inception and the first working group meeting of the UNDP “Localization of SDG-6 in Armenia” project was organised in Yerevan with participation of representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy, Environment, Health, Water Committee of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, RA Statistical Committee, Country Water Partnership – Armenia, and sectorial experts.

The project supports the Government of Armenia in localization of SDG-6 - Clean Water and Sanitation - targets and development of implementation strategy and monitoring mechanisms. As a result, an SDG 6 Strategy paper and Action Plan with recommendations will be presented to the RA Government for consideration.

During the meeting the participants presented the status of initiatives dedicated to SDG6 targets implementation in each of the respective institutions, spoke about main challenges in the areas of water resource management, as well as discussed main entry points for the projects. 

“Localization of SDG-6 in Armenia” is part of the UNDP GoAL-WaterS (Governance, Accountability and Learning for Water Sustainability) programme that aims to support equitable, efficient and environmentally sustainable use and protection of freshwater and marine resources. It helps addressing gaps and constraints in water and ocean governance by developing policy reform and action plans at national and local levels.

The project, which is implemented by UNDP in Armenia in partnership with Country Water Partnership – Armenia, will be completed by April 2021.