New skills training enhances water sector services in Iraq: Meet Mufeed from Diyala

April 18, 2023

Mr. Mufeed Hameed Husain, 55 Years old.

Photo: UNDP Iraq
"I did not expect that at the age of 55, I would be ready to receive training again in the field of water pumps installation and maintenance. Today, I can say that age is just a number and has never been an obstacle against learning those skills" Mr. Mufeed Hameed Husain

Mr. Mufeed, who works as a technical deputy director of the Diyala Water Directorate, demonstrated how he benefited from the training, especially the theoretical aspect which was new to him as he only mastered practical experience in his field. Now, he can integrate both aspects to expand his knowledge in this field and later convey this knowledge to his colleagues so everyone will take advantage of these trainings. 

Mr. Mufeed added "While I acquired theoretical knowledge during my training, I also gained a new understanding of the daily work environment, which inspired me with the ability to develop and expand my work, after integrating theoretical and practical experience together, I am sure that we can increase the quality and quantity of water that is provided to our society especially after this training course."

Photo: UNDP Iraq

After the liberation operations, Mr. Mufeed returned to his work in the Diyala Water Directorate and was keen to resume his work in the Directorate, as he explains: "After the liberation, I felt very sad to see the damage to all areas and necessities of life in Diyala, but I knew that we had to rebuild and keep pace with the development, not only for ourselves, but for the society as a whole.

Group photo of the training course

Photo: UNDP Iraq

When the United Nations Development Program, funded by the German government, and through the Funding Facility for Stabilization, carried out these training courses, it was not expected that this training would lead to the kind of results that were noticed after its completion, as we can today see the impact of these training courses in real life, after significant improvement in the services provided to the community, especially water and electricity, and the impact of these facilities will extend to future generations. The number of courses delivered reaches 340 for the governorates of Anbar, Diyala and Salah Al-Din, as they inspired and helped many people to develop and rebuild their lives in a better way.

Today, thanks to the trainings that were carried out by the stabilization program, human resources have become more developed and familiar with modern methods of work and production, which has helped these provinces flourish again.