UNDP Yemen Coronavirus Response

Statement by UNDP Resident Representative on COVID-19 contingency measures across Yemen

March 26, 2020

Although Yemen does not currently have any cases of COVID-19, it is being recognized as the largest public health emergency of our time with economic and social impacts yet to be determined. It is quickly showing its impact with a growing number of cases in an increasing number of countries across the region. 

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) understands the potential severity that COVID-19 may have on the region, and within Yemen, and is working to ensure adequate contingency measures are in place to ensure the ability to continue to deliver our life-changing projects across Yemen.

As continuing to serve the people of Yemen is our main priority, UNDP remains completely dedicated to ensuring the safe, efficient, and effective delivery our projects. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to work closely with the authorities, local and national implementing partners, and our development partners to make sure that we can continue our work uninterrupted during such a crucial time in Yemen.

This is an evolving situation – one that requires caution and levelheadedness regarding the health and well-being of staff, partners and Yemeni communities; it affects us all. As the UN Secretary-General has recently indicated, “These are difficult times for everyone, but I have great confidence in our ability to adapt. My message remains:  be safe, be smart, be kind.  With trust in each other and respect for all, we will face this challenge and continue to take our work forward.”

Let us all be safe, kind and smart in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Let us work together to spread the word, not the disease.


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