Social& Economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Morocco


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Social& Economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Morocco

November 2, 2020

Countries all over the world are rushing to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic by testing cases and caring for patients, tracing potential contacts, implementing travel restriction and border closures, encouraging or demanding from citizens to enter confinement, while closing schools and cancelling large gatherings in sports and arts. The COVID-19 pandemic requires a major healthcare strategy and logistics component to be deployed in the response each country is formulating. In Morocco, the total number of healthcare workers is 25,574 according to the sanitary map of the Ministry of Health, including both private and public sectors. Moreover, Morocco has taken action to increase the number of intensive care beds from 1,640 to 3,000 beds.

In Morocco, a task force has been put in place by international organizations (United Nations System and World Bank in Morocco) to coordinate a strategic support to the country’s response as follows: (i) strategic impact assessment to inform decision making and prioritization; (ii) coordinated effort to maximize efficient support to the national response; and (iii) ongoing impact analysis to identify gaps for international integrated action to support. The present, confidential and temporary, document is therefore the first reference for this task force to prepare its response support plan. It gives the premises of (i) strategic impact assessment to inform decision-making and prioritization and will lead to a deeper reflection and coordination of the overarching budgeted support plan. This synergy is as the same time, an example of the UN “Delivering as One “on the topics of development assistance and humanitarian aid, to develop approaches that would enhance the coherence, efficiency and effectiveness of the UN System in Morocco. Building on Morocco’s decentralization effort to implement its advance regionalization strategy a particular attention will be given to regional levers of action, and community resilience actors.

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