Private Sector engagement in SDGs Brochure

Private Sector SDGs

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Private Sector engagement in SDGs Brochure

December 28, 2022

Boosting progress towards the achievement of SDGs in Iraq requires concerted and well-coordinated efforts of all actors, including governments, civil society, development partners and private sector’s actors.

Throughout the Arab region and the world, the private sector continues to play an essential role in achieving SDGs. While UNDP global private sector engagement strategy is set out to engage private sector globally; UNDP country office in Iraq localized the global strategy, putting forward an approach and tools to engage Iraqi private sector in SDGs.

Enhancing the private sector’s engagement in SDGs in Iraq will bring about immense benefits to private sector firms and society as whole and help Iraq accelerate progress towards SDGs. This brochure outlines the key components of UNDP’s strategy to engage Iraqi private sector and raises private sector’s awareness of SDGs and potential roles and benefits of engagement. 

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