Gaza: Two years after


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Gaza: Two years after

August 27, 2016

Two years have passed since the 26 August 2014 ceasefire which ended the most devastating round of hostilities in Gaza since the beginning of the Israeli occupation in 1967. During those 51 days, at least 2,220 people were killed, of which 1,460 are believed to be civilians, including 11 United Nations (UN) personnel. Another 11,231 people were injured, of whom 899 people were permanently disabled. Children accounted for more than a quarter of all deaths and a third of those injured. Half a million people - 28% of Gaza’s population - were displaced due to the fighting, and even as hostilities subsided, over 18,000 families - 100,000 people - were unable to return as their homes had been heavily damaged or completely destroyed.

This paper provides a snapshot of the progress made in the last two years as well as the main challenges in the recovery and reconstruction effort, from the perspective of the UN Country Team in the State of Palestine. The report examines the wider imperative of reversing Gaza’s current development trajectory and of responding to the residual humanitarian needs of a population that in the past decade has experienced a number of military operations and had to deal with the impact of living under an Israeli blockade, restricting the movement of people as well as good and affecting every aspect of daily life in the Gaza Strip.