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3RP Turkey

December 17, 2014

Turkey, Syria’s most populous neighbour, hosts an estimated 1.6 million Syrians (1 million of whom are registered as refugees), spread across urban areas and 22 camps. The number of Syrians in Turkey is expected to grow to 1.7 million by the end of 2015. Despite its generosity, the government has been struggling to halt the spread of vulnerabilities in the education sector, where 70 per cent of the 550,000 Syrian children are estimated to be out of school, and the health sector, for which clinics have reported a 30-40 per cent increase in patient load.

In 2015/2016, the 3RP will aim to support the Government of Turkey in the response to this protracted refugee crisis and to assist impacted communities and national/subnational systems to cope. The resilience-based response will enable the international community to extend its support to the most affected local populations with reference to basic needs, public water and waste management, health care, education and livelihood initiatives, jointly devised with the relevant authorities. The Government will be a key interlocutor in the planning and implementation of all activities and will also be the primary conduit of the technical support and assistance from the UN agencies and their partners.